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Da Dani
OMG, it's been rediculously long since I last posted on LJ. O_O' I've been so busy with work and all that I pretty much forgot about mah poor LJ. *sob*

But yeah, other than that, I'm pumped for Otakon. I'll be driving up to Nick's tmr. ^_^ Can't wait to see everyone again, it's been a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time since I've hung out with ya all. I've also been busy getting cosplays done for me, Bill, and Nick. I'll be getting the last of it done tonight. TEAM AQUA, GO!

Oh! And I finally got a Nintendo DS and Pokemon Pearl! ^_^ So I've been trying to raise some good pokemon. Finally figured out how to get connected to the wireless stuff too (cause I bought a used DS, so I had to re-configure everything), and today I got my friend code. Figured I'd share it in case anyone is doing anything Pokemon related at Otakon. My friend code is 4081 2736 6259.

I also got Phoenix Wright and PW: Justice for All. ^_^ As of now, that's all I've got. I'm gonna look for DS games at Otakon, hopefully find Jump Ultimate Stars.

Speaking of video games, I also bought Tomb Raider: Anniversary, and I've been playing that too. ^_^ OMG, I remember why I loved Tomb Raider so much. :D It's such an awesome remake of the original game, and I'm about half-way through it. I would have beaten it by now, twice probably, had work not taken over my life. oh well. I'm in the Egypt levels. :) It's definitely worth the buy. I've also been playing Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog, but those have taken a backseat at the moment for TR and Pokemon.

I also still have to see Transformers. I'm the only one in my family who wants to see it, and again, I blame work for not having alot of time. I WILL SEE IT EVENTUALLY, HOPEFULLY AFTER OTAKON! I wanna see Harry Potter too. Speaking of which, doesn't the last book come out soon? I wanna know who dies already.

well, nothing else really. I'll see you guys real soon!!
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Well I finally obtained all the badges! Now to level up more and take on the Pokemon League! ^_^ Here's the team I'm currently training:

-Staryu Lv 33 (currently training until it gets Hydro Pump, then I'll evolve it into Starmie)

-Sableye Lv 44

-Swampert Lv 52 (gotta lub my starter Mudkip ^.^)

-Aggron Lv 46

-Ninetales Lv 43

-Gyarados Lv 30 (it has my Rock Smash and Strength HMs)

Just because I'm bored and have nothing else better to do, here's a list of all the Pokemon I own~!Collapse )

Now that I'm working, I'm going to shoot for buying a DS real soon, so I can get Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (not sure which one to get, though I don't think it matters really) and join all you guys in teh fun!

and in other news, I'm gonna try to get my cosplays done soon, primarily for Otakon. There's two I know I'm doing cause they're simple and I can handle making them on my own. As soon as I get them done, I'll take purdy pictures so ye can see. ^_^
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YAYS! I finally found a frigging job! I'm now working at Wendy's! Not the greatest, but they hired me on the spot, so hey it works! I now know I've got money coming in now and I can ask days off, so Otakon is a sure thing now! ^_^

and I start tmr, 10-2. :P I told them that I would prefer to work during the day, so hopefully those will be the kind of hours I get.

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today I've been feeling kinda crappy. my nose has been all runny and shit, and I know its allergies. started taking Claritin to hope that clears up. and I've had no luck in finding a job. -_-' all these places keep saying they're hiring, I throw an app in, and I don't hear from them. it's annoying as hell.

I think I might make some churros tonight. churros sound good right now for some odd reason. :P and so does ice cream. :P

been playing the Pokemon Emerald, now I'm building up to try and beat the 4th Gym Leader. Fortunately my Mudkip is now level 32. Must...get...Hydro Pump! I'm working up Gyarados, Sableye, Aron, Wingull, and Swablu right now. I need more water pokemon. -_-'
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Nick is giving me his Game Boy Advance so that I can play Pokemon Emerald...which I'm addicted to now. :P I've beaten the first 2 Gym Leaders and am currently working on building up my pokemon around Slateport Harbor. Right now, I've got a lv 16 Mudkip, lv 18 Taillow, lv 13 Sableye, lv 13 Aron, lv 16 Magikarp, and lv 23 Breloom, and I caught a bunch more. ^_^
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Luke, srsly, STFU! You destroyed a town that nobody really cares for, you're a clone of complete and utter badass, and you've got Tear keeping an eye on your lifeless body and she's free to have her way with you whenever she pleases. Sure, the man you've had a homoerotic crush on is trying to destroy the world and all that jazz, but now you get to roam around freely in Asch's brain and body. BE HAPPY THAT YOU'RE PIMP!!!
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well, Mikami came in this week, and it was pretty sweet. Srsly, you think Light was overdramatic when he writes in the Death Note, but Light's got nothing on Mikami. Mikami was literally writing like he was hacking at monsters or something. Lots of pretty light effects too, between his pen writing and his glowing red eyes. It was the most over-the-top Death Note writing I've seen yet in this show. But Mikami is still hot, so all is forgiven. :P And Mikami's VA also did Ichimoku Ren from Jigoku Shoujo, who happened to be my favorite character. :D MORE LOVE!

Matt should be coming in soon. I imagine next week or the week afterwards. The preview showed that Takada will be coming back next week (great -_-'), so Matt should be getting into this as well. *wants Matt more than Takada dammit, he's a cutie!*

In other news, I've had that damn Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch song stuck in my head...probably since I made a hentai/yaoi AMV to it yesterday.

And happy birthday, Ryo! Hope you have fun and stuff yourself silly with cake!

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more reasons why I need to get caught up in Bleach

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just got back from seeing Spiderman 3, and holy shit it was awesome! The special effects were cool as hell, especially when Sandman first started to develop and Venom. OH MY GOD, I LOVE VENOM! I want an all Venom movie, dammit. 30 minutes of Venom is not nearly enough! and I was trying not to squeal when M.J. got hit. throughout the movie, I was thinking, "Bitch, don't complain about your problems to Peter. Why should he give a shit? HE'S SPIDERMAN! He doesn't need you around to cramp his style!" and Harry was badass too. Green Goblin was meh and all, but Green Goblin Jr. was hella sweet! I want his glider.
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god, it's been a bit since I last posted here. pretty much been either keeping busy or being lazy.

I bought the Sonic SatAM DVDs this week, along with a $20 new copy of Kingdom Hearts II (FINALLY decided to buy it even after beating it, lol). those have been keeping me happy. I've also been working on AMV stuffs, all for the big summer AMV project that me and Katie are doing. yeah, expect crack. I've been keeping busy with kh_phantas, especially since I've got my 5th character in there. ^_^ (they now include Basara, Usopp, Jonouchi, Kaoru (from Ouran), and Mello) and I hear they plan on upping the character limit from 5, so yays!

I went out today and got my hair cut and had my highlights re-done. got to eat some Burger King. I might go see Spiderman 3 with Katie tonight. and Nick's at Anime Punch, plus he's going to be starting school soon so lord knows when I'll see him.

I'm going to start downloading mangas to read, namely Air Gear and Bleach. I'm on episode 20 of Bleach, and it will take me forever to catch up to it, so I'm gonna catch up on the manga and go from there. and I've been meaning to read the Air Gear manga for a while now, since I like the anime and all, and I hear the manga is hella better.

but yeah, nothing else is happening.

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