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Spidey 3 - Da Dani
Spidey 3
just got back from seeing Spiderman 3, and holy shit it was awesome! The special effects were cool as hell, especially when Sandman first started to develop and Venom. OH MY GOD, I LOVE VENOM! I want an all Venom movie, dammit. 30 minutes of Venom is not nearly enough! and I was trying not to squeal when M.J. got hit. throughout the movie, I was thinking, "Bitch, don't complain about your problems to Peter. Why should he give a shit? HE'S SPIDERMAN! He doesn't need you around to cramp his style!" and Harry was badass too. Green Goblin was meh and all, but Green Goblin Jr. was hella sweet! I want his glider.
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hikari_cyhan From: hikari_cyhan Date: May 12th, 2007 05:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
He's the goddamned Spiderman!
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