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Da Dani
horrah! only 1 exam left, and it's tomorrow! I can't wait to get out of here, I need the relaxation dammit.

I also had my first ANO officer meeting last night, and Stephanie (our club president) has already drawn up a basic plan for what needs to be accomplished for the year. that I think is awesome. pretty much all I have to do is to start advertising at conventions over the summer, which is pretty much Colossal and Otakon (though I dunno what I can get out of advertising @ Otakon, since it's massive and nowhere near Ohio). either way, I do look forward to next year.

other than that, I started watching Darker than Black today. I'm liking it so far, and right now I believe only the first 3-4 eps have been released. but Hei is awesome, and a bishie at that. ^_^ I want his coat.

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this makes me lol.

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Current Music: the ending of the Bleach musical

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taking a break from writing my art history essay to eat. plus I've been watching clips of the Bleach musical (total sex), and now I've got Bleach on the brain. I've really got to watch and/or read more of it, cause I want to try to get a Bleach costume done for Colossal or Otakon. I was thinking of doing Ishida because I loves Ishida, and Katie suggested Soi Fong for me. So now I'm torn between which one I want to do. If I did Soi Fong, I would probably be doing her captain outfit and such, while I would probably do Ishida's first outfit (cause I'm not familiar with his other ones).

plus I like Ichigo x Ishida, and Nick just so happens to be cosplaying Ichigo *SCORE!* and I so want to do the Gin dance while I'm in the costume too, cause that would be awesome.

so I ask you guys, what do you think I should do?
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man, this is the second time I left work early because it was dead. ^_^ more time to goof off for me!

and I've been getting back into AMV making again. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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I finally got my final done for my Innovating Comic Strip class. took long enough too. -_-' but nonetheless, I did like making the webcomic, so I'm thinking of actually continuing it. *gasp* the original story and script called for about 8 chapters at least, but I only had the time to make the first chapter for the final, and it was 30 pages long. but I lurves it, and I lurves my Lagie. He's been my baby since 7-8th grade and has evolved so much, and I think this is the best version of him yet. :D *feeds Lagie cookies*

I also did my review for my Landscape class, which turned out good. I'm guaranteed a B in it, my teacher said. :)

All I gotta worry about now is my Economics exam and write my paper for Art History so well that it nets me enough points to not fail the class. plus I have work, but I can finally relax tonight. ^_^

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god I love DN crack so much. by far the best.
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well tonight was the final anime club meeting for the year, which meant we finished up our running series. And it's been a while since I've done a formal anime review, so here we are!

Pumpkin ScissorsCollapse )

Ghost HuntCollapse )

Code GeassCollapse )
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So I'm here at Nick's place for the weekend, keeping him company as he gets his Pokemon Pearl (which he now has ^_^). But that's not the story I will be telling--what I will be telling will be the crazy ass adventures of...


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Near's VA is Noriko's.

I must be sick thinking of Mello and Near doing the Super Inazuma Kick. or at least squishing Light with the Gunbuster.
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