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roushutsu's Journal

Da Dani
8 September 1985
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OMG, you're actually looking at my bio!!! Good for you! Here's some basic info for you to skim (just pretend like you cared and actually read it).

1) Anime/Manga stuff

-Last 5 series recently finished (from bottom-up):
1) Ideon: Be Invoked
2) Ouran High School Host Club
3) Grenadier
4) Akihabara@DEEP
5) Initial D: First Stage

-Stuff I'm in the middle of watching:
=Death Note
=Darker than Black

-Currently torrenting:
=none right now

-Stuff I intend on watching sometime soon (hopefully):
=The Slayers Next
=The Slayers Try
=Dragon Ball series
=Yu Yu Hakusho
=more Gundam stuff, especially Zeta
=King Gainer
=Super Beast Machine God Dancougar

-Current Top 10 Favorite Animes (favorite characters in parenthases)
1) GaoGaiGar (Soldat J)
2) Death Note (L)
3) Macross (Roy Focker)
4) Top wo Narae! ~Gunbuster & Die Buster (Noriko Takaya)
5) G Gundam (George de Sand)
6) One Piece (Usopp)
7) Slayers (Gourry Gabriev)
8) Macross 7 (Gamlin Kizaki)
9) Ouran High School Host Club (the Hitachiin twins)
10) Jigoku Shoujo (Ichimoku Ren)

=Shizune from Naruto (Ikasucon 2005, Animarithon 2006, Colossalcon 2006)
=Chuunin Tenten from Naruto (Sugoicon 2005, Ohayocon 2006)
=Sheena from Tales of Symphonia (Ohayocon 2006)
=Deidara from Naruto (Ikasucon 2006)
=Temari from Naruto -2nd outfit- (Ikasucon 2006)
=Yamanaka Ino from Naruto -1st outfit, long hair- (Sugoicon 2006)
=Hyuuga Hiashi from Naruto (Sugoicon 2006)
=L Lawliet from Death Note (Sugoicon 2006, Youmacon 2006)
=Kai Nagase from Sukisho! (Youmacon 2006)
=Nick Robin from One Piece -Skypeia outfit- (Ohayocon 2007, Animarathon 2007)

=Colossalcon 2007: *possibly* Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club; *possibly* Ishida or Soi Fong from Bleach
=Otakon 2007: *possibly* George de Sand from G Gundam; *possibly* Nico Robin -Water 7 Outfit- from One Piece

3) Current games I'm playing
=Final Fantasy XII
=Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 (second run through)
=Shadow Hearts
=Shadow Hearts: From the New World
=Tales of the Abyss

4) Other pointless crap
-currently a digital arts major, come check out my website!
-I make LJ icons. You can find them all at icons_a_la_rou
-working at a nearby dining center on campus (not too shabby)
-I make AMVS; check me out on animemusicvideos.org under the name Frozen_Moon
-As of now, I am the current champion of Hentai Iron AMV

Isn't L just a doll?

Yeah, we're pretty fucking sweet.

Random as hell quote:
"These hands of ours are burning red! Their loud cry tells us to grasp happiness! Erupting Burning Finger! Sekiha! Love! Love! TENKYOUKEN!" ~Domon and Rain from G Gundam