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OI! it's been a while - Da Dani
OI! it's been a while
god, it's been a bit since I last posted here. pretty much been either keeping busy or being lazy.

I bought the Sonic SatAM DVDs this week, along with a $20 new copy of Kingdom Hearts II (FINALLY decided to buy it even after beating it, lol). those have been keeping me happy. I've also been working on AMV stuffs, all for the big summer AMV project that me and Katie are doing. yeah, expect crack. I've been keeping busy with kh_phantas, especially since I've got my 5th character in there. ^_^ (they now include Basara, Usopp, Jonouchi, Kaoru (from Ouran), and Mello) and I hear they plan on upping the character limit from 5, so yays!

I went out today and got my hair cut and had my highlights re-done. got to eat some Burger King. I might go see Spiderman 3 with Katie tonight. and Nick's at Anime Punch, plus he's going to be starting school soon so lord knows when I'll see him.

I'm going to start downloading mangas to read, namely Air Gear and Bleach. I'm on episode 20 of Bleach, and it will take me forever to catch up to it, so I'm gonna catch up on the manga and go from there. and I've been meaning to read the Air Gear manga for a while now, since I like the anime and all, and I hear the manga is hella better.

but yeah, nothing else is happening.

Current Mood: lazy lazy

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