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fucking allergies - Da Dani
fucking allergies
today I've been feeling kinda crappy. my nose has been all runny and shit, and I know its allergies. started taking Claritin to hope that clears up. and I've had no luck in finding a job. -_-' all these places keep saying they're hiring, I throw an app in, and I don't hear from them. it's annoying as hell.

I think I might make some churros tonight. churros sound good right now for some odd reason. :P and so does ice cream. :P

been playing the Pokemon Emerald, now I'm building up to try and beat the 4th Gym Leader. Fortunately my Mudkip is now level 32. Must...get...Hydro Pump! I'm working up Gyarados, Sableye, Aron, Wingull, and Swablu right now. I need more water pokemon. -_-'
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