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Pokemon Emerald update! - Da Dani
Pokemon Emerald update!
Well I finally obtained all the badges! Now to level up more and take on the Pokemon League! ^_^ Here's the team I'm currently training:

-Staryu Lv 33 (currently training until it gets Hydro Pump, then I'll evolve it into Starmie)

-Sableye Lv 44

-Swampert Lv 52 (gotta lub my starter Mudkip ^.^)

-Aggron Lv 46

-Ninetales Lv 43

-Gyarados Lv 30 (it has my Rock Smash and Strength HMs)

Keep in mind some of my Pokemon have evolved, so while I don't own them per-say, it's listed in my PokeDex

Now that I'm working, I'm going to shoot for buying a DS real soon, so I can get Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (not sure which one to get, though I don't think it matters really) and join all you guys in teh fun!

and in other news, I'm gonna try to get my cosplays done soon, primarily for Otakon. There's two I know I'm doing cause they're simple and I can handle making them on my own. As soon as I get them done, I'll take purdy pictures so ye can see. ^_^
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